Self-funded feature film ‘Fatigue’ was shot on super 16mm and made in true ‘guerrilla’ style. It premiered at the Welsh International Film Festival and was a ‘Film Four Audience Award’ finalist. It was highlighted as ‘New British Directing Talent’ at Raindance Film Festival London, won Great Lakes Film Festival in North America (Best Narrative Feature) has travelled to numerous festivals around the world and is now in distribution (twelve territories to date). It was released on DVD in the UK.

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Feature Film Fatigue

DVD cover and Raindance programme excerpt

A ‘Variety’ review of ‘Fatigue’, review by Ken Eisner.

An artfully designed neo-noir knockoff, “Fatigue” distinguishes itself with a tough look and a convincingly bad attitude. Knocking around in different cuts for more than three years, won a feature award at last fall’s Great Lakes fest, and could further exhaust itself in midnight showings at other festivals. Commercial prospects are secondary to its value as a stylish calling card.
Grisly crime tale follows Mitchell (brooding Mark Faiers), a waster sucked in over his head with local gangsters among them a po-faced thug (Chris Dawson) who sets Mitch up to take the fall for a diamond heist. When grungy protag ends up with the hot rocks, he hightails it to London, dragging along mercenary ex-g.f. (Sophie Coryndon). Fallout is nasty, allowing for a novel number of gory sendoffs in time allotted. Cardiff and Welsh countryside settings are appropriately dispiriting, and pic-makers Faiers, Dawson, and Michael Barnes (who also has a small part) show tremendous resourcefulness.